Debut Album "I Remember You Singing" Out Now !

Katie's voice is divinely appealing and this cd of ten songs has been long awaited in Clare and beyond.
John Custy
Katie Theasby may be one of the most important interpretive voices right now in Ireland. Have a listen, and share her work.
The Limerick Lady

Dedicated to her mother, Katie Theasby’s album I Remember You Singing is a well-achieved piece of work, innovative, not overly technologized, it is earthy and confident. Her voice, though accompanied throughout, is the main instrument, wide ranging, with a rawness and ease in all the well-chosen songs. London born, to Paul Theasby a fiddler (who played with Dingle Spike) and Gloria Pahad, a huge musical influence on the young Katie, her mother had the child singer well versed in South African Xhosa from childhood. Accordingly, the cover photo, captivatingly black and white, tells a great maternal story of child and mother, lips pursed, lipstick pointed, a stage show being anticipated, the toddler at ease with performance, content in their dressing up togetherness.
The title track, written by Finbar Furey, I Remember You Singing This Song, Ma, is pensive and elegiac, an intimate snapshot into his parents’ relationship, the teasing father who sang out of tune, the mother ‘who blushed when you smiled’, beautifully rendered by Katie, it tells of ordinary family happiness, loving parents and faith in true love, the kind that binds forever, even beyond death: ‘love has a way of never letting go…I know you’re together somehow.’ Tommy Keane’s uilleann pipes on Lullaby provide richness, melodic depth, perfect instrumentation for the final track. Her mentor and friend, the multi-instrumentalist, engineer and producer Peter Eades has a vital and virtuoso presence throughout.
Katie’s version of One Starry Night is captivating, a journey song, a romantic narrative where the jilted one is searching for the ever-elusive lover, a recurring theme in the folk song tradition, her unaccompanied opening stanza is delightful with beautifully sensitive accompaniment throughout. Her voice, in timbre and rhythm is beguiling, effortless lilt and tilt, sean-nós and traveller nuance, mature, vocally tender and powerful in equal measure.